Well exactly three weeks ago today, I received a Nook Simple Touch in the mail. I was so happy because I had been very conflicted as to whether I should buy the Kindle Keyboard or the Nook Simple Touch or the Kobo. I had no idea which one to get. So I went to each site that featured each device, thought of the pros and cons of each and I made my decision. I didn’t choose the Kobo e-reader because it was very cheap & I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I didn’t purchase the Kindle Keyboard because I couldn’t expand the storage space passed 2GB and I could only use Kindle formatted e-books/audiobooks. I was a bit skeptical at first when it came to e-readers- this was because I thought if I were to get one I’d be a sellout book wise.  Even after I bought the Nook Simple  Touch I felt extremely guilty but swore I’d never give up on books. Eventually my guilt waned and may still be in existence but doesn’t quite bother me the same way it did 3 weeks ago. I am enjoying my Nook and have found that I’ve been reading faster- or maybe it’s just me. I’ve seemed to trigger my inner book  junkie as it’s been in a somewhat dormant state for quite some time.

Well until next time—Happy reading

Fairly Literary


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