Why I Despise Politics!!!

Well I know this blog is supposed to be about books but there’ll be another blog following this one about them. As the title of this post may suggest…I despise politics. I know I may share this quality with others and there are those that oppose such a quality. I was never one to get involved with school politics such as class president/student body president, cheer captain, class security, etc. I never liked the idea of people at such a young age having to vote for peer officials. All it ever was was a popularity contest and trust me if you weren’t popular you need not apply. I know this is Election year here in the States but it’s this time of the year I don’t look forward to. A month ago I was excited about the Summer Olympics. I knew  a few qualifying American and some non-American athletes were going to be at this year’s Olympics so I decided to record the whole series on my DVR. HUGE mistake there because at one point there were almost 50 recorded games I’d missed because of the time difference in London and my work schedule. After seeing all the games that were to come I decided to erase the series from the DVR and only catch the games I could. The only games I truly cared about were swimming, track & field and gymnastics. I have much appreciation and respect for the other sports but those were the only sports I really looked forward to. If I’m being really honest I only really cared about the gymnastics. I was and still am so proud of Gabby Douglas for winning the gold. She’s so young…at first I felt as if I was a failure compared to her but I figured that I’d only be a failure if I allowed such a negative thought to jeopardize my future success. (I see this has gotten way off topic) Back to why I despise politics: I just don’t like the two-faced persona’s the candidates seem to have, I don’t like the lies they tell just to make the other look bad (but if it’s truth they use to make the other candidate look bad I guess it’s okay?), I don’t like the airtime the candidates receive especially when there are funny commercials you could be watching instead, I don’t like the constant need for there always to be a scandal just to hype up the already overrated attention of politics. I used to want to be a judge & even at one point I wanted to be a senator but those are politically related. I know there are things in life that are related to politics that are just a given- like when you’re with family or friends and you’re deciding what to watch often times voting is involved. I am not trying to cause a stir nor am I criticizing those that are super psyched about the upcoming elections but these are simply my opinions. I just don’t like politics!!!  (I prefer to say I don’t like them but I’ve already titled this blog.

Until next post—-happy reading


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