Across the Universe- Beth Revis


Across the Universe–A dystopian fiction story with a murder mystery and slight hint of romance included (love triangle, werewolves, vampires, fairies, elves & other paranormal creatures not included)

I liked this book although it was a slow read. It took about 70 pages until the story actually picked up. The fact that I gave this book a chance was absolutely worth it because this book has stuck with me long after I finished reading it 3 days ago. If you can get passed the slow start I’m sure you’ll appreciate this gem of a novel.

Across the Universe has alternating point of views between the two main characters: Amy & Elder.

Amy is an American girl that has to make a choice to stay on Earth and live out the rest of her life or join her parents in being cryogenically frozen for 300 years on a ship headed toward an Earth-like planet. The story picks up soon after Amy wakes up from her frozen slumber (aboard a ship called Godspeed) but it is soon discovered that Amy may not have been woken up by accident. When other frozens turn up dead or reach the brink of death it is clear someone is out to kill them–the question is who and why?

Elder is training to become the next leader of the ship Godspeed and he’s usually obedient toward Eldest, the leader of Godspeed. Everything Elder knew or thought he knew began to go into question when Amy is unfrozen.

I love the fact that there weren’t any love triangles in this book, although at one point I thought there would be but I was pleased to find there wasn’t one.  There was a bit of a romance in the book but it’s done in such a way that it’s not overdone or annoying. The twists and turns in this book, the characters and the story overall are superb. I definitely recommend this book–whether a sci-fi fan or not I’m sure you’ll enjoy Across the Universe. I’ll rate this 4/5 stars.


Until next time—happy reading!!!


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