Book Dilemma

Oh my gosh!! I have such a major dilemma– I’ve been an avid reader since like 1st grade when I learned how to read (decently any way—this isn’t the problem by the way). My problem is I have a Goodreads account and although I think it’s genius for a website to provide a way for users to keep track of the books they’ve read, locate books that you may be interested in, have book discussions with others, write creatively (poems, essays, stories) join book clubs, etc—I love it–it’s just now I have too many choices and it’s becoming so overwhelming. I can’t even decide which book to read. How in the world am I to write book reviews or at least give my opinion on them or even recommend a book if I can’t even choose which book to read? This is so frustrating!! I don’t even want to step foot into a bookstore right now due to fear of how I’ll react. I don’t want to go in there, see a book or books I like, grab it/them and sit down on a couch or chair only to lose track of time and end up missing my class. Yes I am still in school. I wish I wasn’t though (it’s not that I don’t value education–it’s just I’ve been in school for the longest time–imagine starting in kindergarten and not stopping until you get a Master’s Degree–too long…I couldn’t even imagine being a doctor, a lawyer or politician since they tend to be in school forever). I want to read–not textbooks…then again it depends what course it is—I think school gets in the way of me wanting to read to the point it almost caused me to fail (there’s another problem). As much as I love reading…it’s causing me major problems (okay maybe not major problems) but they are problems. In high school, teachers wanted us to read 25 books a semester for a total of 50 books per school year and I didn’t take advantage of that at all. There was a reading program that limited the type of books we were to read (usually there weren’t a lot of interesting choices). I still passed but I feel like I should’ve read more in high school. Too late now because those days are long gone. Oh well…I just feel very overwhelmed—I have as many books as I do movies if not more (I do appreciate a good movie) but most of the time I would much rather curl up on the couch and read a book. It’s just I can’t even do that [easily] because I can’t decide which book to read!!!! I don’t know what to do about this but somehow I feel I’ll just pick a random book or ask a friend to help me but either way somehow (hopefully before the end of today –likely) I will be reading something!!

Until next time…happy reading!!

I wouldn’t wish my literary problems on anyone šŸ™‚


Fairly Literary


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