Books I Bought


I know for a fact that I probably shouldn’t have bought anymore books. I am a firm believer in “one can never have too many books”. Today was the last day of the Labor Day 20% off deal at Half Price Bookstore so I went to check it out with my boyfriend. I saw a lot of books that I wanted to buy. I saw the Pretty Little Liars, the Private, the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series but didn’t buy any of them. There were a lot of books to choose from but I had my eyes on certain books. I was going to buy: Divergent- Veronica Roth, Matched- Ally Condie, Unwind- Neal Shusterman and Pandemonium- Lauren Oliver (there were a others on that list but the list is too long). Well I didn’t get any of those because they weren’t there. I ended up getting: Across the Universe- Beth Revis (I read & reviewed this already but I didn’t own it–the copy I had came from the library), Private- Kate Brian, Pretty Little Devils- Nancy Holder and Fear & Loathing on the campaign trail of ’72- Hunter S. Thompson (this one was for school). Well I didn’t get the more popular books that I wanted but my hopes weren’t entirely up–in the end I was happy to have left the store with some pretty good books. I recently purchased (via online) Delirium– Lauren Oliver & City of Bones– Cassandra Clare so I’m looking forward to each delivery. I am so excited!! So I’ll take all my excitement to the nearest book on my TBR book list and read.

Until next time–happy reading!!!

Fairly Literary


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