Fairly Literary Blog 2.0 (Hello Again!)

hello again

Welcome. I’ve been away for a while and boy am I happy to be back to blogging! I spent the passed year and a half contemplating what it is I want to do in life. I’ve also been through my fair share of struggles but I’ve learned that struggles happen and if they don’t kill us, they make us stronger. If you know me*, you know that I have trouble sticking to things sometimes and I oftentimes forget things more than I’d like. I say this to point out I’ve had several blogs over the past 10 years and have often just gave up on them. This is the one I chose to return to because the title of this blog has since been how I am known throughout social media. Also, I had big plans for this blog so, why not return to it? In the past, I gave up on my other blogs because I was so enamored with the thought of having a blog that I didn’t even consider what my blog was about. I’m happy to return here especially since this time I have a good idea of what I want this blog to be and invite you-readers, friends, social family- to join me as I post and enjoy life, educate, share and entertain. Let’s have fun & stuff.

*It’s okay if you don’t know me, with each post you probably will figure out a thing or two.

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