Fairly Literary: The Origin Story

Greetings! I’ve been away from blogging for a while. I wanted to reflect on things with the blog being one of them. I contemplated on if I wanted to start a new blog or just continue on this one. I chose the latter. It’s a collection of-my beginning-just me bumbling around with writing a shiny new blog, my literary journey-book reviews, literary issues I’ve encountered and just different stages of where I’ve been as a blogger. Since I’m getting back into blogging I’d like it noted that I’m still trying to work out a blogging schedule so please bear with me please as I do so.

The point of this post is to get to know the origins behind Fairly Literary. I came up with the name in the morning. I had been up a little later the night before contemplating what to call my blog. At the time I had to have a blog and I had to have a catchy name because I just had to. I’d put the year around 2010. A brand new show called Fairly Legal had been announced to air on the USA Network and I decided to check it out once it premiered. I wanted to call my blog something bookish because of my love of reading without actually having bookish or books in the title. Fast forward to about 2012. By this time, Fairly Legal had been canceled. I checked out the first season on DVD from the library. So one morning I awoke to find the DVD on the floor and liked the sound of the word fairly. It was clear at that time that my blog would definitely have fairly somewhere in it’s title. I looked up synonyms for the word bookish and decided to test their compatibility with the word fairly. After several combinations I’d found a match-such a match that I’ve stuck with it over the years-alas Fairly Literary was born… on Twitter. I began to see so many of my Goodreads friends had book blogs and so I started one but it was on Blogger at the time. I managed to get so far behind in my writing that I eventually gave up on blogging. To be honest I had no plans, no direction, no point in regards to the blog. Some time before I purchased a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch I started this blog. I wrote about books I’d read & even blogged about my excitement when I finally had my Nook. So I had my blog, I had my gadget but still no real point in this blog. It could’ve easily had been just another book blog since it seemed to be headed that way.

[The meaning behind the title of this blog is reference to my love of the literary both writing and reading but by placing fairly in front of the title indicates that I also have other things I’d love to discuss on this blog such as food, movies, comic books, the occasional rant, and occasional current event. This blog will cover things I see fit to write about and hope that you’ll read it.]

Eventually I disappeared from the blogosphere and stayed away until last year. I announced my return to blogging. Then life happened as it always does. I did plan to return yet again to blogging but this time things were different. So what makes this time different? As I blog and as you read along and bear with me you’ll see. We shall see together.


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