Book Dilemma 2.0


About 4 years ago, I wrote about a problem I’d been having related to books. There were far too many to choose at the time. Well, in 4 years not much has changed in that regard. There are probably books being written at this very moment that will only contribute to this literary dilemma I’ve experienced. In the past 4 years I’ve come to face the root of my dilemma. The root being: I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D). Some may read this and see it as an excuse but I make no excuse for not being able to do the thing that I love most. I love writing, I love reading and I’ve since added listening to the fold. I’ve realized that my frustrations aren’t just about not finding “the right book” it’s sticking with said book. I was introduced to audio-books and I’ve fallen in love with reading again.

People that know me and a few that are getting there have already an inkling that I love reading a good book. Among my favorites are comic books. I love seeing the development of a character unfold throughout various arcs. Reading comic books has always been a joy, Actually the first time I was introduced to a comic book it was through someone else reading it to me. Perhaps this is why I have taken to audio-books so well. I remember visualizing Spider-Man flying throughout the city to bring down villains. I was so entranced and when I was suggested to try audio-books that same feeling of excitement came rushing back. I’m so excited that I found the root of my literary dilemma and am working towards solving it with each day that goes by. I hope that you, as readers will stick with me as I do.



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