#SpotlightOnSunday Nicole Beharie

Note: May contain Sleepy Hollow SPOILERS

Okay, I’ve been gone for a bit with Easter & not feeling well I wasn’t able to post a #SpotlightOnSunday

In case you’re new to what that is feel free to visit here:


But in short it’s a hashtag I created to place a spotlight on entertainers/artists/creatives of color. It was inspired by both Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds & actress Gina Rodriguez (notably as titular character in Jane the Virgin.)

Today the spotlight is cast on talented actress Nicole Beharie. Most notable for her role as Abbie Mills on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. This past episode saw [SPOILER ALERT] the death of Abbie Mills which caused quite the uproar among fans.

I’m sure as talented as Beharie is she’ll go on to bigger & better things. I’m also sure she’s got a legion of fans behind her to support her future projects [myself included]. #BeharieArmy


Here is a list of some of the things you may or may not have seen Ms. Beharie in:

▫American Violet as Dee Roberts, the film was based on the real life story of Regina Kelly, a victim of Texas police drug enforcement tactics

▫The Express as Sarah Ward, the film was a sports film. Just as the film above, it too was based on a true story.

▫Sins of the Mother, as Shay Hunter who is a university student that has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother. We follow Shay on a journey to repair that fractured relationship. This film was a Lifetime Movie.

▫My Last Day Without You as Leticia Johnson. In this film Ms. Beharie shows off her vocal abilities.

▫Shame as Marianne. Her performance in this film as with many of her other works were praised.

▫Apartment 4E as Piper, this film was an adaptation of a play by the same name. Piper is a troubled young woman that never leaves her apartment.

▫The Last Fall as Faith Davis a young mother & she was the high school flame to main character former NFL star Kyle Bishop. As Kyle struggles with life after fame Faith becomes a positive influence on him as the two slowly rekindle their relationship.

▫The Mirror Between Us as Zora (this was a short film)

▫Woman Thou Art Loose: On the 7th Day as Beth Hutchins this was the film where I saw a different type of character portrayed by Beharie which I didn’t expect but I was impressed.

▫42 as Rachel Robinson, the wife of Jackie Robinson in the historic story of baseball legend.

In the same year (2013) that Ms. Beharie began playing Lieutenant Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow. [More on this later.]


Other TV shows you may have seen her on: Prior to her days in Sleepy Hollow Beharie played in:

▫The Good Wife as Imani Stonehouse [this was the first time I’d seen her in anything but in the few episodes she appeared in I was impressed & had high hopes that she would stick around. When I suspected she wasn’t I was saddened and began searching for other work she had. Everything I saw her in blew me away. She leaves behind a trail of evidence that showcases just how talent she is.]

▫Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as Tracy Harrison in an episode called “Child’s Welfare”.

▫Sleepy Hollow as Abbie Mills. Pilot-“Ragnarok” she also reprised her role in a crossover episode of Bones called “The Resurrection in the Remains”


[I had known prior to this Nicole Beharie was talented. I watched (especially with others) because I wanted to share withthem what I’d already known. To share that with others was a joy. I saw not only someone that was a representation of myself & other women of color (especially black women) portrayed in one of my favorite genres (fantasy) but a talented person that brought me & I’m sure countless others hope & joy. Hope that more representation of women of color would emerge onto our TV screens & joy that not only was there a woman of color starring on a primetime show but she was a strong, authority figure that could hold her own. Sadly the strong lead became someone fans didn’t recognize (through no fault of her own) she became a background character as the seasons past but fans stll rooted for her. I came across a lot of tweets that expressed disappointment with the turn of events. As we said goodbye to Sleepy Hollow’s leading lady.]
I end this post with a hashtag I’d come across #IamAbbieMills

As well introducing this week’s #SpotlightOnSunday Nicole Beharie!

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