#SpotlightOnSunday Margot Bingham

Post may contain The Family SPOILERS

Since January 31, 2016 I’ve features various talented actors of color to place a spotlight on how excellent they are.

Today’s feature of #SpotlightOnSunday is Margot Bingham. I’ve been really impressed by her acting & after reading an article I’m even more impressed by the actress herself.

As part of the article’s title states, “Scene Stealer” it couldn’t be more true. When Margot is on screen she does indeed steal the show. I had the privilege to view an early premiere of Barbershop: The Next Cut in which Margot makes her feature film debut as stylist, Bree. Bree is very opinionated and shed a lot of light on issues within today’s black community. As I watched the film, I kept thinking, I recognize her face from somewhere. It wasn’t until midway into the film I realized she portrayed Nina Meyer on The Family.

There’s a tremendous amount of respect that I have for the writers of The Family. Yes, they could’ve made Nina just another token women of color. They could’ve gave her minimal lines and screen time but I’m happy they didn’t go that route. Instead Nina starts out as a young officer trying to catch a kidnapper. Her confidence led to putting away a man who we find out was never guilty of the crime when the show jumps to 10 years later. In this time, Nina has been promoted & is now a respected detective thanks to solving the case 10 years prior. All this comes crashing down when a boy claiming to be the long-thought dead Adam Warren appears. Out to prove herself, right a wrong & solve this case for good Nina works around the clock almost to the point of obsession. I love the show, the character is absolutely fantastic thanks to Margot’s amazing acting & I’m happy it’s portrayed by a woman of color. Not only just a woman of color but a strong one at that. Does she have flaws? Yes and that’s what makes the character interesting. I also love that as Nina, Margot wears her hair curly which is refreshing. I have very kinky curly hair so imagine my amazement when I try this show out, get drawn in by the good writing & performances and see a woman of color with big hair just like you. That meant everything!!!

Now if you aren’t watching The Family coming on Sunday’s on ABC at 9pm EST what are you waiting for? Go check that out on ABC’s main website, On Demand, etc. Go!!! Not only is Margot fantastic in it so is the rest of the cast. But back to Margot:

Prior to starring in The Family most people will recognize her from Boardwalk Empire as Daughter Maitland. I tried getting into the show because I wanted to see Steve Buscemi in a non-comedic role. It was interesting but I was upset by the lack of diversity so stopped watching. I know the Prohibition Era may not have seen great treatment of people of color but still. When I heard they were adding a jazz singer I was curious as to who was cast. I recall seeing Margot Bingham and had no idea who that was but I did catch her in a scene or two. Clck here to view it.

Yes, that is her real voice & I was wowed by it. She’s got an amazing voice.

She was an opening act for such artists as: Kelly Clarkson, The Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado, & Lupe Fiasco as well as touring with Jason Mraz.

Speaking of Margot’s voice she sung many songs on the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack. In an article Margot had this to say of Daughter Maitland, “I love that she’s such a strong character,” “Women of that era, especially black women, were just assumed to be puppets. She’s anything but.”

When I read that I was overjoyed. It’s an incredible thing to not only see a strong, black woman but also, one that commands attention of the audience & leave you wanting more from the character [as well as the actor playing them].

Feel free to read the article quoted here: You may also know Margot from off- Broadway musical Rent; guest started on the short-lived CBS series Golden Boy; recurred on El Rey series Matador; played in films such as Burning Blue, Fugly!, Destined, The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable, Her Composition & most recently Barbershop: The Next Cut.

Barbershop: The Next Cut is now in theatres and it is a very entertaining film. If you’re interested go support the film & see Margot’s performance among a stellar cast. Also, feel free to check out The Family on ABC Sunday’s at 9pm EST.

I could say so much more about how much of an excellent performer or talented actress Margot Bingham is but that post would need to be a series of post.

So I give you all this week’s #SpotlightOnSunday is the lovely, talented Margot Bingham. I’m for sure she’s going places! Let’s watch & support in future endeavors.


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