5 Reasons You Should Start Watching Orphan Black

So the season 4 premiere of Orphan Black returned last Thursday on BBC America and it was an incredible start to what may be the best season yet. If you aren’t watching I’ll give 5 reasons why should start.


1.  The Plot

It’s a show that starts off with a grifter named Sarah Manning that witnesses a woman commit suicide on a train platform that happened to appear identical to herself. After deciding to lift the deceased woman’s purse Sarah plans to pose as her as well. What seemed like an easy score became a complex one when Sarah discovers several other women identical to herself. It is after meeting with a few of them she discovers they’re each clones.


2. Tatiana Maslany

Anyone who’s never heard of Tatiana Maslany by now– not sure what they’re doing– the actress is fantastic! Not only because she’s the star of Orphan Black but throughout the seasons she’s portrayed several clones. Each clone has their own style & personality so much so that you can easily forget one actress is playing them all. As of season 4, Tatiana Maslany has portrayed 11 on-screen clones, while 3 more appeared in photos, there’s one surviving child version of the clones named Charlotte Bowles and possibly countless more to be added.


3. The Mystery

Yes you could say this could be included with the plot but it is an extra reason you should be watching. Sarah even gives the perfect reason in season one paraphrasing of course: [The more I think I know the less I do] What an excellent reason to watch!


4. The Clone Club

Yes, Tatiana Maslany plays each clone incredibly but it’s impressive to see how each one bonds with the rest. Thanks to Tatiana’s body double (Kathryn Alexandre) & something called Technodolly, which is telescoping camera crane that memorizes & repeats complex movements exactly–scenes with multiple clones possible.

5. The Writing

The cast of Orphan Black is wonderful but the writing for the show is fantastic. There’s been so many instances where good performances have fell flat due to terrible writing but that’s not the case with Orphan Black. I applaud the writers for the successful manner strong female characters have been written. Ever since the pilot episode of Orphan Black, we see Sarah seize an opportunity to take control of her life (granted it was a con), we learn she’s a mother to Kira and wanting to get her back from Mrs. S (Sarah’s foster mom). Over the course of what is now up to season 4, we see so much strength & growth displayed within each clone. Also, the show contains matters in science it does take some creative liberties to stay entertaining yet informative. It’s amazing to see & definitely worth a watch.

Although, 5 reasons have been given for why you should start watching Orphan Black there are other reasons to continue such as: The supporting male characters–they can be hilarious (Donnie & Felix), smart (Scott), strong (Art), mysterious (Cal), sexy (Paul), calculating (Dr. Leekie), varied (Castor clones)…yes, the lady clones [LEDA clones] have male counterparts (their genetic brothers)plus any of the guys can easily be described as each of the words in parentheses at any given time. I love how each shares various scenes with at least one of the clones. The chemistry between the characters is also a great reason to continue to watch. Give it a try & see how you like it.

Orphan Black airs Thursday nights at 10pm on BBC America in the US.


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