‘Round Midnight: Thoughts on ADHD

This blog usually includes things that are literary but as the tagline says, “a fan of more than the literary”. Today I’d like to write about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I’ve heard in so many cases things like, “You can’t or don’t have ADHD you seem normal” “You aren’t hyperactivity” etc. I’d love to tell those that day such things, “Excuse me for not showing my ADHD. Where are my manners?” Of course I don’t say this but it’s ridiculous for anyone to say such things.

This post is for anyone that doesn’t know this (it’s reassurance if you do): People with ADHD are some of the most  brilliant, interesting, often misunderstood people you’ll ever meet. If you or anyone you know has ADHD, remember you’re amazing!

You may have about a million thoughts running around in your head
You may not be where you wanna be just give it time…

you’ll get there.


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