‘Round Midnight: Keanu (the movie)

Well today was just one of those days. You wake up and realize someone wasn’t fortunate to do the same. Life can change in an instant. Of course by now you must’ve heard that music icon Prince has died. Yesterday, women’s wrestling superstar Chyna passed away and prior to that comedienne Doris Roberts passed away. With so much loss I am reminded of the loss of my mother. It gets me down but I do try to remember good times I had with her.

Today my incredible boyfriend gave me space to grieve in private and came through for me. He scored tickets to an early premiere of Keanu. If you’re unclear as to what that is, the movie poster for it is posted above. I’ll do a review of it closer to it’s release. I’ll just say that it did cheer me up. For a day that started out sad, it became full of laughter. I’m so thankful.

Also, sans the hood look Keanu is such an adorable little kitty. If you’ve seen the film or are fans of Peele and Key feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.



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