Louder Than Doubt

CAUTION: The following post contains expressions of faith and Christianity. I understand that not everyone believes in God and I respect their personal choice while also asking for reciprocation.



I’ve come across quite a few stories in which people acted in faith. Most recently I came across a writer named Emerald Barnes. I clicked on a link that she shared. From the moment I read, When God laid this book on my heart, I felt unqualified... I knew I’d be writing this post. My response was the very thing God places on our hearts we may not think we fit but He does. That is the inspiration behind the title of this post. When we our called to do something there is nothing that can get in the way of that happening. Yes, obstacles are presented but through God we make it through. Faith gets us through.

ZeroDean is someone else I came across. His positivity has reached millions and to think it almost didn’t happen because at first he just shrugged off doing anything outside of his comfortable routine. Today, he is known to many for sharing life lessons and positivity.

Just imagine this: You are walking across a long street. The street is wide and there’s plenty of room for a crowd (yourself included) to cross. Let’s say before you make it to the other side some changes happen. You start to notice the street begins to shrink. You look around only to notice there are less people. Ir’s very likely that you’d begin to panic. You may not even be sure if you should be standing still or moving faster across the shrinking street. Let’s say you’re near halfway across and the street is now a tight rope. For safety reasons there’s only room for one person at a time on a tight rope (unless you’re trained and know what you’re doing). You’re goal is to get across the street. You’d prefer to make it across  safe and sound. Since there’s now a tight rope without a net underneath, you must focus, be patient and each move must be made in faith. Walk with intention. Yes, it’s going to be scary especially since this is a huge change.It’s not easy. When you’ve balanced yourself and begin to walk in faith–you’ll end up where God wants you to be. Anyone else that tries to run fast forward may skip a step and those standing still may wear out and fall. Do not doubt God. He has a plan for your life. Things may not happen on your time table but they’ll happen on God’s time. He has a purpose for you and you may doubt but faith in God is louder.



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