That Moment You Realize…


As I was checking my notifications on my phone I saw one from an app called Periscope. It’s a live stream app that reminds me a bit of Snapchat and YouTube or Google Hangouts. The broadcaster of this scope was author, Tiphani Montgomery. I hadn’t watched her scopes in forever but when I clicked to join in I realized it wasn’t live anymore so I decided to watch the replay. On Periscope the broadcasts or scopes are available for 24 hours. The title of it was, People don’t like themselves. Stop worrying if they’re going to like YOU! #EntrepreneurScope 

Even though she was speaking in terms of entrepreneurship it made me think of life in general. Some things she said stuck with me such as, “If you don’t identify who you are people will always try to conform you into who they need you to be.” As well as, “God needs you to be who you are for you” Those words will probably stay with me. It’s just amazing how someone’s words can have such an influence on you.

What I took from that was something I’d been learning for quite some time now. The main thing being:

Know who you are. This is very important. Imagine a snowflake- there’s so many of them but if you were to examine just two you’d notice they may resemble each other but they aren’t identical. The same is true for people, multiples are included as well. It doesn’t matter how much one resembles another, they aren’t the same.Each person is unique. You are valuable and have something that no one else can be–being yourself. You are necessary. There’s a purpose that you serve. Your very existence is connected to the success in the lives of others. If you think about it- just sneezing or coughing could cause a ripple effect that you may not even be aware of.

Take in account some of these questions: Are you a day or night person? Do you prefer a crowd or solitude? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a leader or a follower? What are your weaknesses?Strengths? Are you glass half full or half empty? What’s your temperament? Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

I found a post that provides more questions to help you get to know yourself.


If someone sees that you don’t know who you are you become prey to becoming who they dictate you are. When you’ve begun to know yourself there isn’t a person who can tell you otherwise. It is that confidence and knowledge that sets you apart from those that are lost.


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