My Story Isn’t Yours


As of lately I’ve started to realize how much I’ve grown. Years ago I would’ve denied I’ve grown at all & I most certainly would not be sharing this information. I was more reserved than I am now. Yes, I’m still a bit reserved but I’m able to be more present than before. I was diagnosed with ADHD years ago and being present is no easy feat. I may not be as present as someone without ADHD but I’m more so than I have been before.

I was born with curly, kinky hair. Some people call it naps or nappy but that’s never really bothered me. Growing up I was taught to tame my hair– braid it, curl it, twist it–basically play Bop-It with it! So when I moved out of my family home & decided to wear my hair BIG –as I’d called it as a little girl–you can be sure that’s what I did.

I usually had clothes laid out for me to wear as a child. Some clothes I didn’t want to wear. I didn’t understand why some clothes felt right while others didn’t. When I was a bit older I didn’t understand why other girls wore high heels with confidence and I didn’t feel myself in them. Sure some heels felt good like a wedge heel those were my favorite. They still are. If it were up to me I would wear only clothes that felt right.

Since learning my diagnosis & researching related topics I’ve discovered something called hypersensitivity. Looking back there were signs I had certain sensitivities but hindsight is 20/20 right?  So ADHD whether I knew it or not was always a part of my life.

I’ve included the picture as to illustrate I am becoming my own. Yes, I may bump my head or trip up every now and again but I’m the author of my own story. Anytime someone else is trying to make decisions, speak for you, live through you–basically trying to take your autonomy away isn’t a good thing. Your life is your own and is to be lived by you. Yes, listen to those that have your best interests at heart and learn from those that don’t. Things may get difficult at times but you’ve got this!


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