Game of Thrones: Things You May Have Missed


So last week was the season 6 premiere of HBO’s behemoth hit TV show Game of Thrones. Since then, there have been many videos, images and posts recapping and continued theorizing about both the episode and predicting what may happen coming forward in the series. This post could be regarded as a recap but it’s mostly just a fan of the show having fun and bringing to readers attention what they may have missed last season. So let’s get right into it.


  • Was it me or was the recap or the “Previously on Game of Thrones…” longer than it normally is? I get some fans may need a refresher of what happened. Especially since the gap between seasons was about the same time it takes for a full-term baby to be born [perhaps a bit longer].



  • Did you notice when Ser Davos stared at Jon Snow’s body the blood beneath him was shaped like angel wings? 



  • When Sansa and Theon were on the run Theon decided to be a hero in order to save Sansa only for her to be discovered anyway things started to look bleak and who comes to the rescue? Brienne and Podrick!! Where the heck did they come from? I know they were in the North. If this is the same day were they just out for a ride or something after Stannis was killed?



  • When Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis were looking for Daenarys and Jorah decides to look around and stumble upon Daenarys’ ring did you notice how quickly he found it? First off were he and Daenarys somehow reading each others mind or something? I ask this because how did Dany figure anyone she knew would find her ring? It was as if by slipping her ring off she knew someone she knew would find it.


  • I’ve heard something about the scene among the Dothraki was a nod to Monty Python. I’m not really that familiar with Monty Python so that one went over my head but it did seem significant at the time. So for those that didn’t pick up on it I was right there with you.



  • How did Trystane get on the boat with the Sand Snakes? We see him painting eyes on a rock which is usually used for someone that has died. My guess is that the rocks were for Myrcella since she was poisoned in last season’s finale. The only way Trystane would know of Myrcella’s death is if he were on the same boat as she, Jaime and Bron. Who else could those rocks be for?


  • When did the Sand Snakes get on a boat anyway? The last time they were seen was at the dock with Ellaria after she poisoned Myrcella.


  • I’m sure every viewer noticed the part at the end when Melisandre strips only to reveal an elderly woman with pale skin. So what was that about? I suppose we may learn more on tonight’s episode or some time later this season.


Is there anything that I may have left out? Do you have answers to any of the above questions? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

As always thank you for reading and if you’re watching tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones feel free to join me in using the hashtag/ fan tag: #WildWildWesteros [this tag refers to the fact that book readers and show watchers are in the dark and anything can happen as there’s no present source material to rely on]


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