A Word About Purpose


No matter if you believe in your purpose or not eventually it’ll find it’s way to you or work through you. If you’re meant to do something there’s nothing that can stop that from happening.

I decided to post this for anyone who may need to read this. Call it a life lesson–if you will– those tend to happen in such a random sequence throughout our lives. This is just one I wanted to share.

Additional notes:
Whether you’re meant to write, paint, draw, sing, cook, play an instrument, direct, act, dance, take photos, perform, protect, run, etc it’s a tough road ahead but definitely not impossible!

You can do it!!!

Purpose isn’t a phase you go through rather it’s a way of living. I like to think that purpose doesn’t [just] give your life meaning but by living your purpose you bring meaning to your life. I could go on and on about purpose but I’ll save more for another post.

Until next time,

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