25 Bookish Facts About Me


Recently I saw a video by YouTuber India Hill (Books and Big Hair) called 25 Bookish Facts About Me and I decided since I don’t currently have a vlog I can do my own version here on my spot of Internet.

1. Audio books are my main format for reading. I have always had issues staying focused on a story & after being diagnosed and coming to terms with ADHD. I recently discovered audiobooks work best for me. I can imagine the story so much better  if I hear it. Not only does audiobooks help with my ADHD it allows me to do other things while listening such as wash dishes, clean up, take a walk, paint, or doodle.

2. I don’t have a bookshelf. So many of the physical books I own are in boxes. Sadly they aren’t in alphabetical order as I’d like them to be. If anyone remembers the iPod Shuffle I’d say picking a book from one of the boxes is quite similar to that.

3. Speaking of order, I used to organize books for a living, I even volunteered to do so in both my middle and high school library.

4. I prefer reading a book before I see it’s film adaptation. There’s something about seeing actors that ruins the story for me. If I read a book before seeing it’s film adaptation I can imagine the characters & settings for myself. Seeing the film adaptation takes the imaginative work out of it for me.

5. I was hesitant prior to purchasing an e-reader. I thought buying one made me a literary traitor. I’ve since come to terms with my e-reader. It’s not a replacement for my physical books but just another manner in which I read.

6. I take special trips to bookstores just to get a whiff of new books. There’s something about the scent of a new book that’s exciting. It may be the “newness” of the books or the possibility of what stories lie within the pages or a combination of both.

7. If I’m not into a book by page 80 I will stop reading. I know some other readers will have given up by then but I try to be patient with the story. As for audiobooks, I give it at least fifteen minutes to capture my interest before I stop listening.

8. If there’s a good book in a recycle bin I will take it, fix it up (if necessary), sanitize it and place it in one of my boxes to read later. (Someone’s trash is my new treasure).

9. I love when books include blueprints and maps of their settings.

10. When I read a physical book I tend to prefer hardcovers. Nothing against paperback but I love the sturdiness of a hardback book.

11. Even though my genre preferences are varied I do fancy good epic/high fantasy, cozy mystery, new adult, contemporary romance, & young adult books.

12. My dream is to write an excellent book that accurately represents people of color. It’s actually something I’ve been working on for some time.

13. I’m not a fast reader and have accepted that’s okay. I have a couple of friends that can read a book in one or two days which is good but not for me.

14. I take notes when I read or listen to a book. I try to be as thorough as possible when taking notes so I can better understand when I go over the notes later.

15. On a rainy day, I normally curl up with a good audiobook, physical book or e-book (depending on the way I feel) and emerge into the world the author has built.

16. I love reading articles/posts about world building. It’s such an interesting process to read yet difficult at times to come up with for my own world building.

17. I’m a connoisseur of words and names. I love discovering new names and words I’ve never come across before. I also love to delve deep into the origin of words and names.

18. I have a name bank/list where I keep all of the names I find that are interesting to me.

19. I prefer to write things down because technology can be unreliable sometimes. When I was younger I was so entranced by computers and typewriters that I just wanted to start creating literary work on them before I even had a plan. I now understand the importance of writing things down first and then typing them out.

20. I’ve read most of the classic literature novels. My aunt used Winter, Spring and Summer breaks as an opportunity for me to remain productive. It also, was what gave an inclination to the fact something was wrong- that’s where notice was taken towards ADHD symptoms.

21. Even though I prefer hardcover books I appreciate a worn copy of a paperback book. There’s something about the crinkled spine that gives the paperback history. This history gives the book a story of it’s own and I find that fascinating.

22. I love reading diverse books such as stories involving interracial relationships, mental illness,  various languages  (i.e.,Dothraki, Valyrian), etc. I love seeing a refreshing take on such stories.

23. I love comic books! As long as there’s a good story, good writing and art or at least 2 of the 3 I’ll continue reading. Right now I’ve been reading more titles from Image Comics. I’ve also been reading The Flash and Wonder Woman titles.

24. When I was younger if there was something that inspired me from a book I would tear the pages out and keep them with  me.

25. As of late, I’ve been buying more digital copies of books, comic books and audiobooks due to the limited space in have.

Bonus: I respect the preferred reading method of other readers, I ask for that respect to be reciprocated and DON’T condone snobbery when it comes to this & any other matter.


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