Soap Talk (The Stories)


People that know me pretty well at least have a slight clue that I’m a fan of soap operas. (from here I’ll refer to them as “stories”) Stories hold a special place in my heart (although in their traditional form is a dying format).

It all started when I was a little girl. My mom would have me watch her stories for her while she attended nursing school & eventually while she went to work (unorthodox I know but my older brother looked after me). Of course this was prior to me starting elementary school.

I’d sit & watch with interest the various soap opera tropes like: Back from the dead, But I can’t be pregnant, Identical Stranger, Easy Amnesia and the Other Darrin among others. This is probably where/when/how I developed an affinity for storytelling. All My Children was one of my mother’s favorite stories. When I started elementary school I was taught how to record shows onto a VHS tape via VCR [ancient times, I know].

My mom would explain certain things that happened on All My Children but there was a line drawn (while some things were reserved for when I was older). Sadly my mom wasn’t the one to explain them to me as she passed away when I was still a child. There were so many times after her passing I’d wish the Back from the dead trope applied in real life.

I’ll always remember how my mom & I would talk about some of the latest shenanigans of Erica Kane or Adam Chandler.

My grandparents took me in after my mom passed away. I was introduced to the world of The Young & the Restless and The Bold & the Beautiful (the stories my grandma watched). I wasn’t allowed to watch the soaps unless I would eavesdrop or make an excuse to be nearby while they aired. Eventually my grams’ interest in stories declined and it wouldn’t be until my late teenage years before taking an interest in another soap. Unfortunately by the time I’d return to watching soaps I noticed there weren’t many still on the air. I was overjoyed to find All My Children was still around but in September 23, 2011 I was broken-hearted by what was it’s last episode. There was a mini revival on Hulu but it wasn’t the same nor did the show last.

It still stings a bit to know that at 1pm EST I’m not able to watch All My Children on ABC. I still carry the soap in my heart & all the memories I hold watching it both with my mom & in her honor.

I do watch the occasional soap opera every now and then. At the time of this post there are currently 4 U.S. soap operas still broadcasting. Nowadays, I also enjoy watching telenovelas (Latin soaps). I’ve also grown fond of the primetime soaps such as Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. [Yes, in their own right these shows can be considered primetime soaps].

I do watch wrestling sometimes as well which is sometimes referred to as soap opera for men. All of this is to just express my love of storytelling & soaps in their various forms are part of the beginning of that love. Watching soaps at a young age could possibly be the reason why my stories growing up had a maturity to them. Although soaps may be somewhat of a dying art–the art of storytelling will never die!


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