My Thoughts on Miss USA Part 3


Okay so this post is overdue but I still wanted to conclude this trilogy of blog posts.
I’ve covered the good. I’ve covered the bad (ignorant is the real word). Now I’d like to conclude on a good note.

The top 3 pageant contestants were all women of color, all very beautiful, smart and seem to be good role models. A friend reminded me to not allow haters and ignorant (racist/sexist) people to get me down. I wasn’t I was down about the ignorant comments made but I was disappointed. I figured there would be ignorant people but some things I read were beyond horrible. I couldn’t even share them as I try my best to provide a positive yet honest, sometimes snarky feel to this blog. If this blog somehow inspires you or makes you think or uplifts you brings me such joy.
So in closing this post I’m still overjoyed with the fact that not only were all 3 finalists were women of color but by the fact that the actual winner of Miss USA is a black woman!! It’s such a beautiful thing and some people may not ever understand that but that’s not my problem.

Thanks for reading
xoxo         Rabia


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