You’re Invited to a Twitter Party


As the title suggests I’m hosting a Twitter party! Well it’s a short-film-a-thon but it’s really fun to say Twitter party! It begins at 8pm EST but feel free to jump right in when you can. The hashtag being used for the event is #sffshortfest

Some time ago, I ordered a Science Fiction  short film guide created by Rod T. Faulkner.  He’s the curator of the 7th Matrix website. If you’d like to order a guide they are available here.

The schedule for tonight’s short-film-a-thon  is listed below:

Hybrid running time: 07:48

The Device running time: 03:39

Whipping Boy running time: 14:18

ROSA running time: 09:50

Save the Kiss running time: 03:11

The Archiver running time: 04:51

From the Future With Love running time: 12:20

Proximity running time: 11:04

Blackguard running time: 06:38

Rampage: Project Vermillion running time: 04:47


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