Watch “Moon Dust (short film by Ezequiel Romero)” on YouTube


As part of the Sci-fi short film challenge I chose to watch:
Moon Dust . It’s a short film by Ezequiel Romero with a running time of 4m 51s.

Summary: An astronaut crashes his landing pod into the middle of a forest. However, he carries a secret that could endanger his life.

My thoughts: I went into watching this short film without fully understanding what exactly I was in for. It drew me in with such mysteries like: What caused the landing pod to crash? What was the secret the astronaut held? Who’s secret did the astronaut find? Was it his? Why was this secret endangering the astronaut’s life? As many questions as I had going into the film I was left with many more when it concluded. I recommend fans of mystery and intrigue to check this short film out.

Also, I’d love to shout out Rod from The7thMatrix for compiling a list of speculative short films that you may order here
You can find The7thMatrix around the Interwebs  but feel free to follow the account on Twitter and if you’d like to follow me you can find me mostly here and here

As always thanks so much for stopping by, take a look around and stop by again soon.

Rabia ❤


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