Introducing: The Color Me Tag


Today as I was scrolling through Twitter I noticed various hashtags and came across #WeNeedDiverseBooks. I love this tag and what it represents but I was even more curious if there was a specific tag for black/African Americans and other people of color in literature. I didn’t really find much but instead of searching further I decided to create my own tag.

I’m a big fan of Young Adult fiction (some nonfiction too) so I created the tags to identify literary works done by people of color. I’ve also created tags to identify works in general fiction done by people of color.

If you are an author or writer, aspiring author or writer of color feel free to contact me via e-mail: or Twitter @fairlyliterary but in the mean time use the tags
#ColorMeInYA #ColorMeYA #ColorMeInLit #ColorMeLit

Also if anyone has recommendations for authors of color use the tags and contact me.

Thanks so much for your time.



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