Fandoms Can Start Friendships

I was listening to a couple of “How We Met” stories today and it got me thinking how I met some pretty important people in my life.

One of the first people that made a huge impact on my life is someone I view as pretty much family. We met in junior high school and bonded over Radio! Disney. We both also shared a love of popular 90’s boy band *NSYNC.


Back then this boy band was our absolute favorite. If we knew the term at the time we’d definitely call ourselves fangirls. To be honest, *NSYNC may have been the first time I’d been serious about a fandom. I knew dance steps, lyrics, the favorites of the band members, facts about each member and where each song charted. It was quite an exciting time. 

A recent friendship that truly means a lot to me was formed from the short lived NBC show Constantine.


I’d go as far as to say this person & I found each other after season one aired but prior to the show’s cancellation. We rallied together among other fans on Twitter to #SaveConstantine which is still a tag used by less fans but still enduring. This friendship means so much and I feel as though it’s helped me grow more. Without naming names of either friend I must thank God as well as fandoms for such bonds that are continuously growing.

There’s some other friendships that formed via Twitter and they mean so much to me. If anyone had told me such incredible people would enter my life via social media of any kind I’d seriously think you skipped an evaluation of some kind. Probably the most shocking friend I made came from Instagram which formed due to both of us being fans of the Walking Dead and we both have so much fun at Comic Cons.

To my friends: Each of you are so special to me more than you’ll ever know. I grew up not having a lot of friends and for a long time I was content with that.

After each incredible, wonderful person came into my life I’ve enjoyed the talks we’ve had, the gifs shared, just bummed by our distance. (which I’m convinced geography could NOT handle)

Sometimes I feel like I could knock next door and one of my friends would answer. You all are the absolute best! 😘

Twitter, Instagram, Fandom has been a blessing in disguise for me to have met such incredible people.


2 thoughts on “Fandoms Can Start Friendships

  1. Aww, I love this post! And I totally get what you mean. Some of the best moments I’ve shared with friends have been over massive, shared geek outs over one topic or another. It creates a very unique bond. What a lovely idea for a piece :).

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