Liebster Award!

Ever since I decided to start blogging again I’d seen Liebster Award across the blogosphere and was never really aware of what it was but I made sure to congratulate some people that were nominated. I love congratulating people when something calls for it! It’s like joining in on the fun (or at least to me). Well first things first- I’d like to thank Michael J. Miller over at My Comic Relief for nominating me for the Liebster Award! If you’ve not checked out his blog do so (you’ll be glad you did). 
Before I go on to answer the questions I nominate: 

Unapologetically Naptastic

Black Nerd Squad

Food In Books

A Writers Whimsical Alcove

No Shelf Control

Melancholy Hill

The Reading Desk

Well-Informed Namer

Booked Up And Bossy

Dystopian Citzn

So here goes the questions I was asked: 

1)  What is one of your earliest/happiest book-related (be it comic or otherwise) memories?

When I first entered into a public library I was filled with so much excitement. That’s probably the earliest and happiest book related memories I have. I was even more excited when I discovered the comic book section of the library. 

2)  Is there an author you’ve found whose work resonates deeply with you?  Why do you connect so?

I’ve found Sharon M. Draper’s work to resonate with me because she’s experienced some of the same things that I have and it helps that she grew up in a neighborhood not too different from my own.

3)  What is the point of literature in your life?  What do you get from reading?

Literature is like a conversation between the characters & I. The author is like the parent calling her children inside for the day. I love reading but have always had issues focusing and remembering what I was reading. Upon receiving help this is still an issue but I do take notes while I read. I’ve also found audio books to be most effective. 

4)  Why is your blog focused on the topics you’ve chosen?  If you can write about anything, why this?
Well, I try my best not to pigeonhole my blog to a single topic so I write about things that interest me. I figured calling the blog fairlyliterary would help. Although this blog started out as just an idea for a book blog it grew to be beyond that. 

5)  Do you hold yourself to any sort of schedule as a writer (for example, you must write a little every day or do a post every week) or do you just write when you feel so moved?  Why is this your chosen path?

When I started blogging I had no set schedule. I still don’t have much of a schedule but I’m trying to work one out. I do try my best to write a post once a day but I’ll occasionally miss a day so I can gather my thoughts on what to do next.

6)  What role do you think illustrations play in telling a story?

Illustration is what sometimes catches my eye. I may see a book cover or a book spine and become intrigued enough to find out more about the particular book(s). 

7)  Name one story (however you’d like to define that term) that’s been important to your life and discuss why.

I’m not exactly sure how to answer this but Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters played a huge role in my life growing up. There was something about the setting in Africa & the names of the characters that got me interested in names & etymology. 

8)  Name one character you’ve encountered that’s been particularly important to you and discuss why.

As of late, Miles Morales (Spider-Man) has become a huge character to me. When he was introduced in 2011 I was ecstatic! I was even happier when Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) was introduced. I saw the characters as a symbol of change. In years prior, there’d been characters of color missing from mainstream comics. I was happy there was at least some attempt to change that and I’m aware there’s much more to be done in that area.

9)  I’ve always felt that writing is important.  But, given the many, many options for sharing your thoughts and opinions in the Internet age, why do you write as opposed to vlogging or simply tweeting or sharing music or any of the other options out there?

Writing is my calling. I believe without a doubt that writing is what I’m meant to be doing! Yes, I could vlog (at one point I had), I could tweet (I tweet here), I could share music (I occasionally share other’s music via social media), I could podcast (that’s actually been a dream of mine for a while), I could do this or that but for the current moment my heart is in writing.

10)  Has there been anything challenging about blogging since you’ve started writing for an online audience?
The challenging part besides scheduling is finding other bloggers to connect with. I understand there’s a way to find other bloggers via tags on WordPress but that’s not always an easy process and there’s no guarantee the other blogger will feel the same. Sometimes topics can be difficult to come up with and it’s really easy to forget your topic. It’s always helpful to write topics down but sometimes things get in the way.

11)  Lastly, what have you found to be the most rewarding part of blogging since you began your writing venture?

The most rewarding part of blogging to me has been the fact that I can do it! There’s something about setting your mind to do something and then actually doing it. It’s such a rewarding feeling. My ultimate goal would be to apply that in more aspects in my life. Also,some of the people that I’ve met since I started blogging are amazing and I’m elated to have met them. 
Thanks for reading. Also, a special thanks for My Comic Relief for nominating me!!!

As for those that I’ve nominated I’ll be sure to add the 11 questions you are to answer in my next post! Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt answers! I really enjoyed reading this. I loved all of your answers and I got SUPER EXCITED when you mentioned Miles Morales and Kamala Khan! They are such incredible characters. For me, I think ‘Ms. Marvel’ is easily the most important comic out right now. And it’s so fun too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you again for the nomination. I’m honored. Glad you enjoyed my answers. I was beyond excited when both characters were announced. I agree! Ms. Marvel is the most important comic out right now. I love reading her comics. I hope more incredible characters like she and Miles are created and developed well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats!! I find it so interesting that your questions are so different from mine because we blog in different niches (mine has become a de facto travel blog because I have such a huge backlog of travels to write about, i have no time for anything else!) your blog is a great read =) I used to read a lot when I was younger but now i only have the time & emotional resilience for the very easily digestible stuff like Lee Child (Jack Reacher) haha. So reading literary blogs like yours brings back good memories =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I noticed that they were. I like coming upon travel blogs, they’re so interesting. I find I get backlogged as well. There are so many drafts I have to go through and edit before I post them. There’s a couple in particular that I’ve had for a while but I’m hoping soon to post them. Thanks again your words are so kind. I have some Lee Child e-books on my e-reader I hear good things about them. I did start The Killing Floor so I may get around to reading that soon. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, hope you stop by again 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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