Liebster Award: Questions for nominees 

In yesterday’s post I nominated 10 blogs that I really think are great for a Liebster Award (click the link to find out more). 
Unapologetically Naptastic 

Booked Up And Bossy

The Reading Desk

No Shelf Control

Dystopian Citzn 

Black Nerd Squad

Food In Books

Melancholy Hill

A Writers Whimsical Alcove

The Well-Informed Namer

Here are 11 questions each nominee is to answer:
1.) Why did or what made you decide to blog on the particular topics you chose? Would you ever consider other topics?

2.) If you collaborated with other bloggers who would it be and why?

3.) If you are a reader, what are your favorite genres? Reading not your thing? What are your favorite genre of film or favorite  things to blog about?

4.) If your blog had a playlist what would be included?

5.) Are there any bloggers that inspired your own blog? (optional Why?)

6.) Where do you see your blog going?

7.) Do you participate in blog memes or hashtag?

8.) If there’s a takeaway you want visitors to leave your blog with what is it?

9.) Does your blog  have a tagline? What is it & is there a reason behind why you chose it?

10.) What’s the best & worst part (if applicable) to blogging?

11.) Are there any book/film/TV show or recipe you’d recommend right away?

12.) Bonus/optional : where (if applicable ) can readers find you on social media? 

Now, all those who are tagged:

  • pick up to 11 bloggers to nominate that have less than 200 followers on their blogs/shout them out
  • Ask 11 questions  (feel free to use the above questions but choosing your own are encouraged)

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