Cavs Pride (Cavs parade part 2)

Weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the Cavs Parade and planned a follow up post but haven’t as of yet published such a post. Today I’ll attempt to describe not the parade but the day that allowed such a celebration to happen-June 19, 2016.

On that day, I went to church, visited family members as it was also Father’s Day and awaited the newest Game of Thrones episode. My boyfriend and his friend went to the Cavs Watch Party. Various family members asked, “Why didn’t you go to the Watch Party?” I jokingly responded, “The last Watch Party I went to we didn’t win.” For the most part that response was met with a chuckle or two. The truth is had I gone to the Watch Party, certain family members would’ve used that against me and would be upset by my not visiting for Father’s Day. It’s interesting something that since I chose family it was a mystery as to why I didn’t attend the Watch Party. 

A lose-lose situation. 

I did arrive home late for the Game of Thrones episode thanks to my family not understanding how much of a fan I am of the show. Somehow they didn’t understand why I watched the show and to be quite honest, it’s not for them to question my fandom. They were supposed to take my word (I‘d like to be home before 8:50pm) and respect it but instead my word wasn’t respected at all. Okay, on to a happier note. After watching Game of Thrones I was so anzy because I’d just seen the best episode of the show EVER- Battle of the Bastards (mind you this is prior to the epic season six finale)

Are you still with me? Great! I promise this is going somewhere. 
After I watched Game of Thrones I conversed with fellow fans on Twitter and Facebook about the episode. Flash-forward about a half hour after the show aired- I heard so many fireworks and screams outside. It was too early for the Fourth of July! The fireworks and screams meant one thing: The Cavs had won the NBA Championship game! There was a calm that came over me followed by goosebumps on my arms and tears and euphoria followed. I was just filled with so many emotions. As my bio says, Usually has a case of the feels. My boyfriend and his friend experienced things differently of course since they were watching it at the big arena Downtown. There were so many other fans around them versus me not watching but having the feels nonetheless. I made sure not to watch or even talk about the game because that was my challenge. It was so difficult to not peak at scores or tweet or blog about it. I wasn’t surprised by the win because I’m a firm believer in underdogs. 

No one thought the Cleveland Cavaliers would win but they defied the odds and won anyway. They made NBA history and my heart at the time felt so full. 

I know it was a bit long and I probably got carried away with the details but hopefully you enjoyed it nonetheless. 

So, what were your thoughts or feelings on Game 7 between the Cavs and the Warriors? 


2 thoughts on “Cavs Pride (Cavs parade part 2)

  1. I love hearing firsthand accounts from someone who was actually there (well, in the vicinity) when it happened! I have a friend from Akron but he currently lives in Detroit so it was quite different. I was just following the score while at the office (ostensibly working) – 12 hour time differences don’t help! It was exciting even for someone as far removed as I was.

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    1. I’m sure it was just as exciting for you. It was a very surreal experience. Also, a wrestling event was on that night too. There were so many things on and so much going on it was incredible. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience as well.

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