Thanks So Much

I’ve reached a place I didn’t think I’d be. I started this blog almost 4 years ago without thinking of any kind of future plans. I just knew I loved to write. I loved books! At the time of the very first post those were the only things I needed to know. There were so many obstacles that got in the way and some almost got the best of me. I’m here excited, thrilled and grateful that I didn’t allow the obstacles to beat me. If you’re new in following welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. If you’ve been following a while let’s continue to support each other. I look forward to what’s ahead from here.

I’m at a 100+ following and am so thankful!  There’s so many of you that like, share and comment on this blog and for that I’m very appreciative. I try my best to return the favor as I’ve come across so many wonderful blogs and their bloggers. Thanks so much to you all, especially those that provided encouragement and advice for me to blog in the first place. 
 Rabia πŸ’‹


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