What Matters Most


Matter is a word I’ve seen a lot of lately. Black Lives Matter.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have managed to ignore what has been going on across the United States you are completely aware of the many injustices that have occurred. I’ve remained somewhat silent on the matter as far as social media and this blog are concerned. Make no mistake. My silence doesn’t mean I don’t care nor does it mean I’m not in support of better. I cannot express into proper written words what I feel on the subject matter.Sometimes I want to speak but my words seem numb much like my thoughts. It hurts to see so many people-black people unjustly being slain. I’m often unsure of what to say.

However, I logged onto Facebook recently and a post caught my eye. The post that I will share shortly was written by Stacey Fournier-Thidbodaux. Her words come from a loving place and much like myself she has an urge for change.



Not much can be said after that but YES. SOMETHING MUST CHANGE.



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