Flava In Ya Ear Friday (2)

This post comes a bit late but to be fair it’s still Friday somewhere in the world right? XD

Welcome back to another week of Flava In Ya Ear and in case you’ve missed it you can view last week’s post here

Today I’d like to share a couple of podcasts

2uncool– billed as the most lame and corniest podcast you will grow to love. Recently, they’ve been added to iTunes which is wonderful news! So far I find this podcast to be quite entertaining. Listening, so far I’m reminded of a few guys I went to high school with. (Good thing, in case you’re wondering). They cover music, culture and lifestyle. It’s a podcast so of course you get plenty of stories. There may be some adult language so if even the slightest bit of that offends you this podcast is NOT for you. Find them here

3 Black Girls– this podcast particularly resonates with me because they discuss just that-life as a black girl. I’d recommend it to anyone because if it doesn’t resonate with you it will give you a new perspective on certain things. If you check them out via iTunes you’ll see them listed under Society & Culture-which is fitting. I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast so far and hope that you will as well. Find them here.

As far as an actual flava in my ear I’d like to share is India Arie’s Break the Shell

This week’s vlog I’d like to share is:

Cine Club if you love movies definitely give this YouTuber out. Maria, the creator of Cine Club is extremely excited about film and it definitely shows. You can also find Maria’s commentary here

Thank you for reading this week’s Friday segment and I hope you’ll check out next week’s segment of  Flava In Ya Ear Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend





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