I  look at the goings on in the US today and can see somewhat of a parallel to that of the time Martin Luther King Jr was speaking of in the 1960’s. The quote below was taken from a speech King did at King Chapel at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa 1962. 

Some minorities have gotten so comfortable with what they’ve been given til they no longer fought as hard for better. I, as a woman of color have seen and been seeing this happen for some time now. Here’s a message for everyone:

 Never settle! Even if you’re at good, strive for better. When you reach better, strive for best. 

So on and so forth. 

If this quote were to continue it would read: 

And God grant that something will happen to open channels of communication, that something will happen because men of good will will rise to the level of leadership.
The last part that is often excluded from quotes seen throughout the Interwebs is quite a powerful portion of this segment of the speech.  

If there’s no attempt to communicate those fears may fester and only grow worse with time. 


One thought on “Backtrack

  1. I agree with what you’ve stated in your post. I recently told my family that I feel like America is attempting move backwards in time when it comes to civil rights. There are so many people who want to see the progress made over the past few decades eradicated. For those of us who’ve always been woke, this comes as no surprise. It wasn’t that people stopped being racist, they just started hiding in it, and they don’t want to hide their hate anymore.


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