Memoir|TV Review: The Day Of…

I recently heard about a new HBO mini-series called The Night Of and earlier today decided to give it a try. I had absolutely no idea what to expect but the title implied perhaps a mystery. As the show played I began to think back to 5 years ago. I, like the main character was going about my life when something happened to me that interrupted and changed everything. I know. I know. It sounds mysterious right? Well, in my case only a select few know what really happened & for now that’s how it’s going to stay. More on that later.

You see this guy? His name’s Nasir Khan, a Pakistani-American guy that ends up sleeping at the home of a young woman only to awaken to find her dead. 

I will admit, I wasn’t involved in a murder or any sort of crime. Just wanted to make that clear. I was in a situation that looked pretty bad but all wasn’t as it seemed. I remember it clear as day. It was a Saturday morning and I was planning on going to work later that day. I’ll just say plans don’t always go as planned. I tried to figure out how I’d gotten from getting ready for work to a place where my words were ignored and painted with perception-what it looked like. I was a victim of a misunderstanding and no one bothered to hear my story they just drew their own conclusions. I suppose that’s why I was drawn into the show [The Night Of]. I, much like Naz had been in a situation where evidence suggests I was guilty but there was so much more to the story. I don’t know how the show will play out [I haven’t seen the British drama it was based on] but in my case all was NOT what it seemed. I cannot stress that enough. Perhaps someday I’ll be comfortable enough to share what really happened but that day isn’t today.
So have you ever been in a situation where evidence suggests you’ve done something but you hadn’t? 


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