Top 5 Wednesday

Hello lovely readers! If no one’s told you today- you are amazing- I feel the need to share that bit of news with you. Today’s post is a weekly meme brought to you by Samantha

This week’s topic is: 
Most Unlikable Characters

— NOT VILLAINS! These are protagonists or side characters that are unlikable! (These should lean more towards characters who aren’t intentionally unlikeable. Not villains, or mean girl/guys, etc.)
Let’s get started shall we? 

1. Edward Cullen- I’ll admit that prior to the film adaptation I DIDN’T like Edward Cullen! From that dislike extended my dislike of Bella Swan. I mean girl what is wrong with you? She could have Jacob all day,  everyday and she chooses EDWARD!! Edward??? Okay. Get it together Rabia. Get it together. Get it together. Better? Maybe. I blame Bella. Her pathetic-ness upsets me so much. My blood pressure may have rose a bit since mentioning her. Anyway, whew that was exhausting.

Back to Edward. His overprotective, abusive, obsessive nature is disgusting. Bella is no better for being weak. She was easy prey to his predator. Speaking of…

2. Christian Grey. Ugh. The many women that find him attractive makes me want to gag.  I mean, why? Yes he’s damaged! Yes he’s got issues but for anyone to be in love with that-especially a virgin- is troubling and cause for concern. You’d think the moment Ana finds out about Christian’s ways she’d run for the hills and stay gone. I get  it, there’s curiosity but to pursue trouble is asking for trouble and when you’re hurt only one to blame is yourself. 

Note: No I didn’t read this whole book but my grams decided to perform (pardon the wording)  a random read-a-long at a Wal-Mart one day. I tried getting her to stop but she said, How do you think you got here? To which I responded, That visual is not okay. Can we just go now?  After she read another random selection (I’d walked on to the next aisle) we went home. 

The point is Bella, Ana, Edward and Christian are terrible characters! They’re supposed to be heroes! I’m supposed to root for them but all I can do is want Bella and Ana to see a good therapist and want Edward to bite Christian (he might like that *sigh*) they’ll both be vampires. They should both walk out into the Sun- Oh right they’ll reveal their glittery skin :/ Well, matches anyone? Only in the literary sense. I don’t condone violence but if those events took place in a fictional setting I’m in!

3. Becky Shaw from Vanity Fair. She’s the protagonist but we’re supposed to care about her and root for her. I didn’t do either nor did I finish this behemoth of a book. Becky was a terrible friend, a gold digging, social climber. I didn’t like her from what I’d read & seeing the film didn’t help. 

4. Brianna Randall from the Outlander series. My opinion is based on the Starz TV series as I have just began the Outlander audiobooks (which so far are fantastic). A friend of mine told me Brianna wasn’t any better in the books as she was on the show. I have a feeling when I meet her literary counterpart my phone or mp3 player will fly somewhere (the thought will cross my mind I’m sure). Brianna talks to her mother, Claire in a manner no child should speak to their parents. I understand Claire loves her daughter and wants her to understand where she came from but that doesn’t excuse Brianna’s stank- yes STANK attitude. Also, Claire had her moments that annoyed me but not to the extent Brianna did.  As for Jamie, he can do no wrong in his kilt (revealing his knee porn) XD

5. Tris Prior from Divergent series. I didn’t feel like she was as special as she was made out to be. I didn’t like her or her brother. My annoyance with them probably extended to most of the characters in the books. I also had a problem with the faction set-up but I’m not prepared to get into that. 

Worth a mention: Any character involved in a love triangle, insta-love relationship or in a dangerous pairing (such as abusive relationship) I automatically don’t like them and that’s a good way to kill a book/book series for me. I would name more characters but this is Top 5 Wednesday! I may discuss more on this topic in a future post.

As always thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ll visit again. 

Did you write a Top 5 Wednesday post? Feel free to share it below I’d love to read it. If you haven’t done a post for T5W what are some of your  5 non-villain unlikeable characters? Feel free to list it in the comments. 

I’ll leave you all with the face of disgust for these characters.

Credit: My Name is Earl


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday

  1. I love, love, love what you said about ’50 Shades’ specifically and abusive relationships in fiction in general. We, as a culture, have allowed physical/emotional/sexually abusive relationships to become something acceptable and even romantic. This is a dangerous trend that cannot be accepted or allowed to continue. Thank you for pointing the spotlight on that problem.

    On a less serious note, I really enjoyed your post. I could feel your anger/annoyance jumping up at me from the post…and I loved it! 🙂 Really, that’s what I’ve loved about this Top Five Wednesday topic. – I think every one got sort of annoyed as we wrote the post and then we all got to share our annoyance with everyone else. It was as cathartic as it was hilarious! Also, congrats on surviving the Wal-Mart read-a-long. Ahahaha, grandmas are the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I agree, we’ve allowed variations of abuse to become just another thing we accept and it’s not acceptable at all. I don’t like that it’s been romanticized especially because it’s so dangerous. People are too quick to say, “It’s just a book or just a movie, song, etc” It’s not “just” anything. The things we consume has an effect on us even in the smallest way.

      Oh you could? I suppose that makes reading this more relatable. 🙂 Yeah I noticed while reading others T5W, so many frustrations came out. I loved how everyone’s guard kind of dropped with this topic. It made for an interesting read. Too bad it was just 5 I had more but the ones I mentioned were the
      top ones that came to mind.
      Hahaha thanks grandmas are so funny sometimes. Gotta love ’em.

      Liked by 1 person

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