This weekend was such a blast! In case you didn’t know I attended Wizard World Ohio where I met the Legit Boss herself, Sasha Banks. (pictured above is she and panel moderator Mo Lightning) Exactly a week ago Sasha won the WWE Women’s Championship belt! Witnessing that moment was life-changing. You see, Sasha had dreams of being the champion since she was 10 years old and it finally happened. All of her training, hardwork, dedication, passion and patience paid off. It was a reminder to me that I shouldn’t give up even if what I am working towards seems terribly distant. It meant so much to me and having met her, even if it wasn’t for that long means much more. 

When I first met Sasha it was during photo ops and this was our encounter: 

Sasha: Hey baby girl how are you

Me: Good, thanks how about you?


(After the photo) Sasha: It was nice meeting you.

Me: Thanks, you too.

Being the ball of awkward that I tend to be sometimes I rapidly walked away in nervousness to pick up my photo. I normally don’t like the photos I take at conventions as they always seem to capture the most awkward facial expressions I never knew I could make. 

I thought the photo I’d taken this time was no exception. However, this time I was impressed with turn out of the photo. It’s probably one of the better ones but I’m so proud of it I’ll share it with you.

The next time I saw Sasha was at her autograph booth. She was accompanied by retired referee Tim White and an assigned convention worker (who didn’t allow fans to take photos of Sasha or the Women’s Championship belt). 

Tim White read the Post-It (a volunteer wrote my name on to help guests with personalizing autographs and spelling of fans’ names) Is that R-a-b-i-a

Me: Yes it is

TW: You’re the first Rabia I’ve ever met and so far I’m liking it. 

When it was my turn to get Sasha’s autograph she chimed, That’s a very cool name. I reply, Thanks

The encounter wasn’t long as I mentioned before but it meant a great deal to me.

I’ll continue the story of my weekend tomorrow. Just know the events of this post took place on Friday. 

Thanks for reading and stay amazing! 


10 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

    1. Agreed! I’d love to see her succeed as well. I also found out she’s snarky and that was cool to find out. That’s amazing I want to dye my hair that color but now isn’t the right time. Thanks

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