Scars You Cannot See

Can you imagine for a moment you’re minding your business and all of a sudden there’s a pain in your shoulder. Someone has just punched you! Let’s say you go somewhere else and feel the pain again. Someone’s just punched you again! In the same or similar area as before. You want so badly to retaliate right? Let’s say you do. What happens? They punch you. You punch them. It can be endless or until someone if anyone wins. To win you must usually be the last one standing. Usually after all that fighting there’s scars. Scars are everyone’s way to identify what’s happened. They are reminders of your circumstances. 

Let’s say these scars aren’t apparent? What happens when you’ve been in fight after fight and have nothing to show for it? What if the scars that you bear are embedded internally? 

To be continued…
Feel free to comment below if you feel comfortable sharing a story of a time when you neared internal scars. 


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