Say Hello To My Old Friend

Hello readers, friends, lovely people. Tonight’s post is in memory of my lizard child, Leo. You know how some people call themselves fur-parents (ie, fur mom) ? Well I’m…was a lizard parent to a great leopard gecko. Yes we named him after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Leonardo. We just called him Leo. 

It was a cold day in February when my boyfriend and I went in search of a pet. Whatever we got had to stay at his place since there was no way it could stay with me. So, we came across geckos and I saw the different kind. We asked a pet shop worker to get one for us. Silly thing we never asked about the gender. I had suspicions Leo may be a girl but I was proven wrong many times. 

As time went on Leo started to act funny and made noises which I wasn’t even aware geckos made. We tracked down a vet that specialized in exotic animals. The doctor was excellent! Leo seemed to take a liking to him so I was pleased. We were given medicine to help Leo but in the end there was nothing that could have been done. The following May Leo passed away. I saw him before I went to work and on my break I got the news he had died. 
You may think geckos or any sort of lizard are gross and at one point I thought so too but Leo wormed his way into my heart. How funny that choice of words are! 

I miss Leo and am hesitant to get another leopard gecko but one day my boyfriend and I probably will. So without further ado I give you


Do you have a pet? Did you have a pet? Care to share your story? Feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading


8 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Old Friend

  1. I’ve had a couple of pets in my life, these include: fishes, turtles, baby chicks and other birds, and a frog. Each one of them did grow in my heart and when they passed away it was just sad because I wished there was something I could do. Good luck! 😊

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    1. That’s quite the variation of pets. I think it’s especially sweet that you had baby chicks. It’s amazing how pets become like family and we open our hearts to them. It is such a sad thing we they pass away. Thanks so much. Also thanks so much for commenting 😊

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      1. It’s incredible how that happens. You’d never think of getting attached but it’s pretty amazing. I did bury Leo in a container we used to keep him while cleaning the terrarium

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