Happy Day! 

So today is my Grampy’s birthday. He’s such the coolest guy ever! My Grampy was always the source for wisdom growing up. I remember when I told him with a firm conviction, I’m never writing romance. Who needs to read about that? To which he smiled before replying, Everyone needs love in their life. Whether you write it or not won’t change that. He told me! He was very supportive even if sometimes he didn’t realize it. 

Grampy was always a jokester. If he and my late uncle were hanging out there normally was so much laughter. They were really good friends. It was heartbreaking when my uncle passed. Well, this isn’t about that. I had to make a trip to Memory Lane. Couldn’t resist. 

Also, the picture is to pay homage to how my Grampy used to trade comics and is a huge fan of Westerns or “Shoot ‘Em Ups”. 

Even though he may not see this I’d like to just put this out there wishing my Grampy the happiest of birthdays. 

With Love



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