Champ Not Champ 

Weeks ago I posted the wonderful news that Sasha “Legit Boss” Banks had won the WWE Women’s Championship. I’m saddened to share that tonight at WWE SummerSlam the Legit Boss lost her title to former champ Charlotte Flair. 

In other news, Bayley (bestie of Sasha) lost to NXT Women’s Champion Azuka yesterday on NXT Takeover (Brooklyn). A coincidence? Perhaps. What if it’s not? Only time will tell. I’d be excited to see Bayley brought up to the main roster. I mean all of her 4 Horsewomen crew had been brought up…perhaps and hopefully it’s Bayley’s turn.

I also witnessed a potentially new favorite women’s wrestler by the name of Ember Moon. I’ll close by saying 1. She’s one to watch and 2. As the name nerd that I am Ember happens to be an old favorite name of mine. Looking forward to seeing more from Ember Moon. She made her debut yesterday at NXT Takeover (Brooklyn) & it was  spectacular!


6 thoughts on “Champ Not Champ 

    1. Yes I do follow women’s wrestling. I wish I was a women’s wrestler! That would be great but I’m not. My brothers watched when I was younger but I developed other hobbies until I met my boyfriend. Then I got back into wrestling but I especially appreciate women’s wrestling because they work so hard and deserve so much more time than they receive. Are you also a fan?


      1. Hahaha true, it’s a struggle sometimes but I do my best. It makes him happy so that usually makes me happy and vice versa. Its the give and take part I suppose.

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