🎥Film Review: Don’t Breathe

My love got an e-mail from Sony Pictures revealing there were free early premiere tickets to see Don’t Breathe. Of course he hopped onto the Interwebs before the tickets ran out & we were fortunate enough to get ’em. 

Note: If you don’t know what Don’t Breathe is feel free to view the trailer

Plot summary follows:

Credit: IMDB

Starring: Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette
Sounds intriguing, right? Well I can definitely tell you that it is. I can speak from having seen it for myself on August 23, 2016. Love and I really enjoyed this film. I think it was made better by the crowd. There were so many varied reactions but it was a good time.

My Thoughts

The acting was done well. Each actor made you care about what was going on when they were on-screen. 

There was suspense & jump scares which surprisingly weren’t overdone. 

There were surprises which I don’t think anyone  expected or was ready for.

There’s a scene that turns things on it’s head and changes the way you see the story as it continues playing out. Without spoiling things I will say when you see the scene you’ll know it–it gets pretty dark. 

For whatever reason, the 2007 thriller, Disturbia came to mind. I’d say the fact that there were 2 guys and a lady may be why that is. Also, most of each film takes place on the inside of a house and has suspense. If you’re into thrills, survival, horror and even some action you’ll enjoy this film. I will definitely write a spoiler review but until then let me know in the comments:

Will you see this film? Do you like thrillers, horror &/or mystery films? Do you have a favorite(s)? 


8 thoughts on “🎥Film Review: Don’t Breathe

  1. Well, I am definitely intrigued. I love well-done horror in both films and books, and it’s rare to find these days. Usually in films, the same tired effects and storylines are used, to the point where it’s so easy to figure out where the movie is headed. I think the last film that I truly found frightening, to the point where it stayed in my head and I had to sleep with the lights on, was “Paranormal Activity.” I did enjoy “The Conjuring” as well, as I’ve always found the Warrens fascinating. I’ll have to get this movie when it comes out on Netflix.

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    1. Yes, it’s very rare these days to see a well done horror film. This particular film takes a trope and turns it on it’s head. What you expect isn’t always what happens. It was refreshing. I’m not going to build it up too much because I did that with “It Follows” and was very disappointed. I admit “Paranormal Activity” was pretty creepy and one of those movies that makes you a bit paranoid. Thanks for commenting and sharing by the way.

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