The Power Of Words

Note: This post contains Biblical content

When we are younger some of us were told, If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Perhaps as young children we have no idea or don’t think about why we are told this. As we grow older, we eventually learn how our words impact the world around us. Words have such a power over our lives. Just a couple of weeks ago, I sent a tweet out about the power our tweets can have. I just hear someone now, I’m gonna tweet about becoming a millionaire or winning the lottery or getting this or that. Haha. Not to laugh at your dreams but just to simply tweet something isn’t how it works. If that were the case, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

If you’ve ever seen the film, Bruce Almighty there’s a scene where Jim Carrey-who’s taking over the role of God-tire of hearing the many voices of people praying and simply replies YES to all of them. Wouldn’t that be great in real life, if God just gave us everything we asked for? You’d think so. Here’s the problem- by replying YES to everyone, causing what you’d think would’ve made everyone happy actually making no one happy. So what does this have to do with words and their influence? No matter what you believe the words you say have so much power. The power to hurt, heal, steal, love, uplift or even restore. Think about what you say before it leaves your lips the next time you speak. The words you speak take on a life of their own the moment they’re spoken.



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