World Suicide Prevention Day

Today’s World Suicide Prevention day and so many things come to my mind. I hope you’ll bear with me as I express my thoughts on the matter.

I’d like to start off by saying I’ve never attempted suicide but I’ll admit I was in so dark a place I considered it a viable option. The thought of suicide flirted with my depression and danced around in the darkness. It seemed like a flame and I, It’s moth drawing ever closer to my own destruction.

I suffered for years in silence. Not knowing what to do, what to say but in constant fear I’d do or say the wrong thing. If the eggshells I walked were real I’m sure I’d have likely stumbled upon what was really going on. I’m just coming to terms with what happened to me. I’ve been taking the necessary time to recover. One thing is for certain, I just did hold my head above the poison that would likely see me drown. I fought. I still fight. It’s a different battle now but I still fight.

I just wanted to share this in hopes that someone somewhere knows they aren’t alone. Suicide may be flamboyantly flirting in your mind but it’s completely possible to be rescued. Not the knight in shining armor type of rescue but the kind that requires your efforts. The suffering, the struggling, the pain, the silence, the wounds, scars, scabs whether they be visible or not make it seem easier to except the wedding proposal suicide offers but there’s a better life ahead of you I promise. It may seem all the hurt in the world is against you but please, please, please I beg you to hold on & reach out. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about what & how you feel.

I once thought suicide was a viable option but am blessed & fortunate to have found another, a better option. In my case, God blessed me with people who loved me back to life. I pray that God does the same for anyone going through hardships & those touched by this post.

Have you a blessed, delightful day or night depending on when you’re reading this.

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