Cricket Status Explained

So I’ve been a bit on the quiet side as far as blogging. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with so many things and have been meaning to blog but my days end up taking another turn. I just wanted to say thanks. Fellow writers, bloggers, subscribers and friends- you all are pretty amazing. I’m working on more posts but felt I needed to take a little break. I’m also planning a separate blog specifically for my love of names/words and their origin. I’ve been struggling to come up with a name for it. Ha, I’m stuck on picking a name for a name blog. I know there are 3 tags that I’m behind on but will be posting those as soon as possible. 
Ah sweet blogosphere…how I’ve missed you 💋
As always, thanks for stopping by. If you have any suggestions on a name for my naming blog or just any feedback in general sound off in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Cricket Status Explained

  1. Hmmm…how about “What’s in a Name?” – it has the Shakespeare quote thing and speaks to what you’re looking to write about. I don”t know, that’s all I have right now! If I anything clever comes to mind, I’ll be sure to let you know :). Also, I’m excited that you’re looking to be running two blogs now!! That’s exciting!! Congrats.

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    1. Thank you! You’re actually the second person to suggest that title but sadly it’s already taken. I really like it too. I know running two blogs isn’t easy but I’ll give it a shot. I could just make a page for it since it is literary but not quite sure how that would work. Can you have different posts on a page?

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      1. My girlfriend actually runs two blogs through WordPress- Just Dread-Full is her primary/horror related one and 1000 in a Decade which focuses on literature and life issues. She’s really enjoyed having the chance to write with a bit more diversity that way.

        In fact, this year I’ve started doing my homework site for work via WordPress too. On your dashboard you can just switch between each blog or have two tabs open with each. That’s how I do it. Kalie links each too, so you can find one blog when you’re reading the other. I don’t link mine because the second is only for my students and anyone else following it would probably be bored with it only featuring reading assignments and test updates :).

        I absolutely think you should do it! If nothing else, it adds a new avenue to your creative output. Just don’t force yourself into any sort of timetable with either blog. Only write when you feel it and then it’s always fun!

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      2. I think I came across her blog once. I think it was a review for a movie review. The blog name sounds familiar. Thanks for sharing that with me. I’ve been taking it easy and blogging when I feel up to it so it’s fun. It’s nice that you both are running two blogs. I think the chance to have an extra creative outlet would be great. I’m pretty excited about starting the other blog but finding the right name for it is a minor setback. I’m hopeful it’ll come along soon enough. Thanks for the encouragement it’s pretty helpful. It actually adds to the excitement factor of starting a new blog.

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      3. I would say you and Kalie get credit for writing/running two blogs. I’m writing on one and just posting homework assignments and course syllabi on the other :). I’m glad your excitement level is increasing though! I really do think the topic could be fascinating. If I come up with any name ideas, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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      4. Even still, kudos to you for doing both. I’ve been fascinated by names and word origins since before I could write them down properly. It struck some as unconventional but I like it. Thank you, that’d be greatly appreciated 🙂

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