Where I’ve been

Hello lovelies! I’ve been kind of MIA for a while so I wanted to catch you up on some things. 

  1. I now have a second blog that you can find here. In case you’re wondering it’s a naming blog. If you want an idea as to what sites inspire me find them here and here

  2. This past weekend was Luke Cage weekend so I was a bit preoccupied with that. However, I’m not quite done with the series as other things came up but I can still tell you IT IS AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!!! The show actually made me cry. I’ll add a Twitter thread I did to explain why. 



3. Other than watching Luke Cage, I’ve been reevaluating some things. Like who are my real friends? What kind of person I want to be? What do I want to do career wise? You know? Serious stuff. 

4. I’ve been thinking more on the memoir I’m writing. For so long I’ve been stumped as to what aspect of my life I  would focus on. There have been so many signs: from someone retweeting publisher’s tweets about memoirs, Twitter chats bringing up the subject of memoirs, memoirs showing up I’m Twitter ads or GoodReads, etc. I know, I know one could write those off as mere coincidences. I’m not a big believer in coincidence. I believe God has a plan that none of us can fathom. If we could what fun would our lives would be predictable & after a while predictable is NO fun. 

Okay, back on topic. Whatever that was. Oh. Right! I have been working on finding a new job so that’s been time consuming. Other than those things I’ve been trying to live the best I can.

So what do you think of my new blog? Are you a fan of name/word origins-onomastics? Is there a name you’d like me to write about on my other blog? Have you seen Like Cage? NO SPOILERS PLEASE – what were your thoughts?

Feel free to sound off in the comments. 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate you doing so 💋


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. Darn, you make me want to watch this Luke Cage business! I’m a huge marvel fan but I haven’t had the time to finish Agents of Shield and I only managed to watch some episode of Peggy Carter! I really need to get to it! I’m going to Paris Comic Con at the end of October… I’ll get the motivation then! ^^

    I’m going to follow your other blog too, cheers! ^^


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