Tech Thursday’s

Hello everyone! 

Today’s Tech Thursday’s! If you’re new to it it’s a blog segment I started last week. Each week I’ll be sharing a tech tips but starting out I’ll be featuring apps I’ve found around the Interwebs. Last week I shared Mirakee – a community of writers, readers & poets.

As I’ve found out, some of you are on GoodReads and even more of you, if not all are on Instagram. What if I told you there was a way you could have the experience of both in one app? Intrigued? I hope so. 

Some of you are already familiar with today’s app. I logged into Twitter four days ago and came across a tweet about Litsy

Scroll below for links to both iOS and Android app

It sounded familiar so I checked the Google Play Store. I, then recalled reading about it on a blog. I thought I made an account and maybe forgot about it. Turns out I hadn’t. Plus it just recently became available on Android devices.

Sidenote: Could you imagine how disappointed I’d have been had it not been available on Android? 

Anywho, I was elated to find it was indeed available for Android! I made an account four days ago and I can already tell you it’s an amazing app for literary folks- I know there’s a ton of you.

A little shameless plug: you can find me on Litsy at @fairlyliterary 

If you happen to join or already have an account feel free to share it in the comments or tweet me

Have any thoughts about Litsy? Sound off in the comments section.

As always, thanks so much reading and stopping by.

 LitsyiOS and Android


6 thoughts on “Tech Thursday’s

    1. Thank you! How amazing you’re a systems analyst! Thanks, I really like posts on technology. The more I learn about tech, the more I’d like to share with others. Glad you enjoyed this post! Yay! Wonderful!

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