Fairlyliterary: What Does It Mean?

Greetings all!

I’ve gotten the question, What’s fairlyliterary mean? or Why are you fairly literary? quite often. In the past I’ve covered what it means and how I came up with the name. To simplify the story I’d just chalk it up to the deliriously yet imaginative mind I had (still have just less delicious of course) circa 2011. 

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of onomastics -the study of the origin, form, meaning, and use of names- which stems from my love of etymology– the source of a word or the study of the source of specific words.

Prior to starting this blog I had countless others. I wasn’t really serious about blogging or connecting with other bloggers until 2012. I’ll just say 2011 was a wake up call for sure. The first blog I ever started was on a now defunct site called Xanga. I’m so glad I printed out all of my posts prior to the shutdown. Thanks to that, I get to look back on what kind of a writer I was, what kind of things I was into, etc. 

I wanted to start a blog, something fresh, something blank that I can draw all over with my thoughts and ideas. That freshness reminds me of Mondays. How fitting this post is up on a Monday.

I recently created a naming blog called How We Came Up With Who. In starting it I realized that I could’ve just kept this blog and added names to it but I think I wanted a change. 

Shameless plug aside, I started this blog to express my other interests which include reading. Also, I plan on covering my affair with reading next. That may or may happen let’s see where my ADHD mind takes me 🙂 

Oh the point of this post was to explain the meaning behind fairlyliterary.

  • Fairly-impartially 
  • Literary- pertaining to literature

So I keep the blog posts varied so sometimes you may see literary posts and others you may see a gallery of pictures. 

As always, thanks for stopping by. It was wonderful to have you.


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