The Words You Speak To Yourself

Hello. Bonjour. ¡Hola! Lovelies!!! 

I wanted to capture this loving feeling while it’s still fresh. If you’ve been following along with my previous blog posts you’ll recall I’ve been feeling blue lately. It’s a battle I seem to fight from time to time and often without warning. 
I’ve been in a poetic mood for a day or so and have managed to get some of my words written down. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a Periscope broadcast (aka scope) by a lovely lady by the name of Catherine Storing. If you’d like to view the scope for yourself you may do so here: 

This scope, along with prayer and beautiful words from friends have lifted my spirits! I shared a poem I wrote that was inspired by the above scope on my Instagram which you may view here: 

This poem is inspired by a Periscope broadcast (scope) from the lovely @stylestoring I had the pleasure of being part of it live, earlier today. Self-love is where it all begins. You can sit and wonder why no one's checking for you or why you can't find someone all day long but if you aren't in a place to properly receive that love and you don't have love for yourself or God perhaps you may want to revisit those areas. It's wonderful to be in love, to love and be loved. You don't necessarily need someone (romantically) to feel that. The love of God is wonderful, the love you have for yourself, the love of your family, friends, kind strangers, etc can be and sometimes are beautiful and amazing! It's always nice to get complimented by others, "You look nice", "I love your hair,", etc but do you say those beautiful things to yourself? If not, perhaps it's time you started 💋 Hashtag Party Below👇 #poem #poets #readers #writer #writers #poet #poetry #speakbeautiful #selflove #love #likeyou #loveyourself #spilledink #posivibes #poetryofig #storyteller #loveofGod #poetsoninstagram #writerscommunity #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram #igwriters #igpoet #shewrites #inspiration #inspiredby #instapoetry #amwriting #writings #justwrite

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The message I’m trying to get across is you’re beautiful and even though it’s wonderful to be reminded of this you don’t need someone else to tell you this. What are you saying to yourself? Are you speaking words of love? Are you verbally abusing yourself? Love starts with you and if no one’s told you: you’re loveable, capable of & able to love. Love yourself! I mean, why not? You’re all you’ve got! 

💋 Rabia

As always, thank you for stopping by. If you aren’t already follow me on the Interwebs T I P. I’d love your thoughts on the topic of self-love, my poem and/or the above scope. 

Thanks and be well


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