Day 7: With A Prompt

I was thinking of a line from my favorite episode of Saved by the Bell when I titled this post. If you’re familiar with the show you may recall the murder mystery episode. There was a line about a gin and tonic with a kiwi twist. I was thinking about the episode apparently and that’s where the subtitle came from. 

Ok. I guess I started this post right off. Hello by the way. 

As you know I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo and have decided to do so by hand. Just checking in and sharing that I am proud to be making such progress. The fact that I’m doing something consistently is a HUGE deal for me. 

To switch things up a bit I’d like to share a prompt & what it inspired.

Prompt: How do you feel about products that don’t work as advertised? How do you react?

Products that don’t work as advertised aren’t acceptable to me. When I think of such a product, Wonder Wax comes to mind. For those of you who don’t know what that is, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also, you can view it below 

When I saw this I thought it’d work wonders as the title suggests but upon applying it after following instructions I burnt the side of my chin.  I was trying to wax my sideburns for some reason. In hindsight, that was a very dumb idea! Surprising because I’m very intelligent. Anyhoo, I decided to cover the spot with skin toner. That kinda worked but irritated my skin. So not only do I have a purple blotch embedded on my skin there was also a breakout as well. When I finally got the mark off there was still hair in the area and there was a breakout. Ugh. It may work for some people but certainly NOT me. 

I tend to get extremely frustrated when a product isn’t as advertised. I go into a store, I pick an item or items, I look up the items if I remember to before I head to the store, I purchase, take it home and enjoy it. End of story, right? Nope. Not when a product doeesn’t work as advertised!!! 

I could explain how Proactive was another product and so was a self-tanning lotion (no clue why I’d want to tan but I was pale one winter and needed a shine–EPIC FAIL) but I just can’t go there. In my opinion, those were terribly FAILED products!! 

How do you handle when a product doesn’t work as advertised? Sound off In the comments section. 

As always, thank you so much for reading and hope you visit again. 


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