Day 9

You know how you can get so drawn into something that you forget about anything else? At the moment NaNoWriMo and the current events of the US are two matters weighing heavily on people’s minds.

As well as I hope things are working out for you I do hope you pause a moment and think about what’s best for you. Today, may be stressful and intense for some while there are those that aren’t bothered but wherever you stand I’d like to remind you of two things. 

The relationship you have with yourself is one of the only ones that are lifelong. If you don’t care for yourself no one else can or is obligated to do it for you. Your wellbeing is more important than a lot of other things that may rank higher in priority so do take care. 

Things may be tense right now but that doesn’t stop us from treating each other well.  There’s no excuse for the mistreatment of others (certain circumstances may change that but in general treat each other with respect). By starting to take care of and treating yourself well, you set the tone for all other relationships. You want to change the outcome? Go back to the basics, back to the beginning. 

How does relate to writing? Well, sometimes writers get writer’s block or spells of being uninspired and sometimes they are having a hard time writing. If you aren’t taking care of yourself there’s a chance your writing may suffer. If you aren’t being kind to others could be another contribution to writer’s block. I, for one tend to write better when I’m being kind to others, respecting them,etc. As well as, taking care of myself – drinking plenty water/juice, eating healthy, proper exercise and sunlight. Be well and write better!

Does your wellbeing affect your writing? Is there steps you take to ensure you’re well? Sound off in the comments section. 

I truly thank you for reading and stopping by. 


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