An After Holiday Very Special Post

Greetings all and happy Monday!

To provide background on this post’s title: If you’re like me, you grew up in the era of After-school Specials, Very special episodes and TGIF. I remember so many times on Friday’s especially that I’d rush home from school, get my homework done as fast as I could and get ready to watch some of my favorite shows. I don’t recall rushing to watch very special episodes or after-school specials but then again at the time I had no idea what those were called. It was just regular TV to me it just happened to showcase topics I’d come to know pretty well.

This post is kinda like that but it’s more a message of love that came from a lot of different places as far as inspiration but I felt more up to writing this because of this Twitter thread.

There have been times I’ve done things that I really didn’t want to do. Okay. Sure. We’ve all been there. There have been things I’ve done out of feeling guilty or being afraid someone won’t like me if I’d done otherwise. Today I reflected on these things and I happened upon a video about boundaries.

Boundaries aren’t really something I was brought up knowing I had. Things were mine but could easily get taken away at any moment for whatever reason. If I didn’t want to go somewhere or do something I better have had somewhere else more important to go or something else more important to do. I tell you this not to be a Debby Downer I share this with you, dearest reader to remind you YOU are important and YOU have a choice. No matter what anyone says YOU are an amazing person and as long as you believe that no one can take it away.

If you read the whole thread I suppose that could’ve easily doubled as a blog post but by the time I thought of that I was pretty much done with the thread. My hope is that you realize and/or are reminded of your self worth. I’ve been all about spreading positivity and feel it is much needed especially these days.




NOTE: This is actually my first Monday as my new 20something age so I’m pretty excited, grateful and blessed to be posting today. If you’ve been reading along or following me on various social media platforms you know that I’ve been ill for a while and as soon as I thought I was in the clear NOPE germs are still around. I’ve been trying my best to make sure that my being sick doesn’t get in the way of me writing but unfortunately to some capacity it has. It’s been important to remind myself that this doesn’t mean I’m not trying hard enough it just means I have to practice self-care. These days I’m trying to break old habits of me beating or being to hard on myself up especially since that always makes things worse. Hopefully in reading this you’re trying to do the same.

As always, I thank you so much for reading and stopping by.




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